Silent installation

Thinstuff Support
2022-05-31 17:04

A silent install is the installation of XP/VS Server that requires no user interaction. 

This allows you to automate the updates of your XP/VS Server instances quite easily.

 By default, some of our drivers require a confirmation before the installation continues.  

However, in case you do not need TSX USB - which is only available if you are using a Professional license, 
you can disable this feature with a specific command very easily.

 In order to perform a silent install of XP/VS Server just follow these tasks:

1. Download the latest .msi package  as following:


These URLs will never change and it is recommended to use these in your favourite RMM tool.
2.  After that run the .msi installer as an elevated user on your target server with msiexec as following:

msiexec /i c:\tmp\ThinstuffXPVSServer-latest-x64.msi DISABLETSXUSB=1 EVALUATIONMODE="NIL" /quiet

  • Add /quiet to disable any user interaction and the restart XP/VS Server immediately after installation.
  • Add /passive if you want the progress bar to be displayed.
  • Add EVALUATIONMODE="NIL"  to perform a simple update when you have already imported a valid license file
    and just want to update your XP/VS Server installation silently

You can use the command "msiexec" --> with "?" to you get a list of all available operators.

In case you need to test your scripts  you can obtain an older version of XP/VS Server as following: