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Sillent installation of XP/VS Server

A silent install is the installation of XP/VS Server that requires no user interaction. This allows you to automate the updates of XP/VS Server in your environment.

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Error: Operating system update level is not compatible

There have been some reports when using Windows Server 2019 as host system, that the error message "Your current operating system update level is not compatible" appears. Please check if you have installed all latest Windows updates and follow this guide.

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Error: License can't be activated

During the activation process, some information of the hardware is transferred to the web server, which generates the license file. Once this process is completed, the download of new license starts automatically.

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Invalid hardware key?

Usually an activated XP/VS license is bound to the hardware of each machine. Based on manual requests we do allow reasonable reactivation requests.

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Transfer a license

License releases are done by our webserver --- and this machine uses the Thinstuff registered email address
(license is tied to). If you want to move the license to a different machine the license needs to be released for reactivation
and reactivated on the new server.

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Warning: No valid license found

First, please check if you have installed the latest version of XP/VS Server. Second, did you reboot your machine after installing XP/VS Server? Third, please verify if our Service is running. Under "services.msc" --> Check if Start-up type from "Thinstuff XP/VS Server for Windows" is started and set to automatic.

Performance Issues

Under Windows 7 the first user logon usually takes less then 35 seconds for each user and the initial user profile weighs approx. 5MB. With Windows 10 this has increased dramatically. The first user logon now usually takes up to 2 minutes or more for each user and the resulting user profile weighs approx. 130MB!

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How can I become a Thinstuff Reseller?

If you want to become a Thinstuff Reseller or are interested in reselling our software just contact our sales team and tell us something about your company.

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