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Sept 06, 2022— XP/VS Terminal Server

Have you experienced any issues with XP/VS Server after recent Windows Updates? Please update your installation.

  XP/VS Terminal Server

Version 1.0.942 - 2022, September 05:
- FIX: Prevent an issue on systems with enabled application compatibility mode
       that have virtualization based security (VBS) enabled.
- FIX: Don't attempt the installation process on systems with enabled memory
       integrity mode.

Version 1.0.938 - 2022, August 29:
- NEW: Initial Support for Windows 11 22H2
- FIX: Fixed an issue with enabled Application Compatibility Mode affecting
       Windows 10 21H2 systems with the KB5016688 preview update from Aug 26.
       In this mode, the VER_SUITE_TERMINAL flag is expected to be present
       in the suite mask when querying the Windows version, which was not the
       case after this preview update got installed.

As usual the latest version of XP/VS Server can be downloaded from here.

Last update: 2022-09-06 13:53
Author: Thinstuff Support