Silent installation of XP/VS Terminal Server

Thinstuff Support
2020-12-03 13:04

To install XP/VS Server in a silent mode please try following:
(Note: Not possible if you are going to use an XP/VS Terminal Server Professional license)

Download .msi packages from here:


You can use the command "msiexec" --> with "?" you get a list of all available operators.

If you add "/quiet", no user interaction is required and the server is restarted immediately after installation.
Other options would be "/passive" - only progress bar will be shown.

Some of our drivers require a confirmation before the installation continues.

However, in case you do not need TSX USB - which is only available if you are using a Professional license. You can disable this feature:

msiexec /i c:\Temp\ThinstuffXPVSServer-latest-x64.msi DISABLETSXUSB=1 /quiet /passive

Tags: msi, packages, silent installation, xpvs