How can I share an USB Device with TSX USB?

Thinstuff Support
2022-03-14 11:51

If you want to redirect a local USB Device from the Client to the Server via RDP you have to do the following steps:


Client-Side :

1.) Install the ThinstuffTSXUsbClient on the client computer ( where the USB Device is physically present).
You will find the Installer in the XP/VS Server installation package.

You can download the latest version  here .


1.) Run the XP/VS Server Adminstrator, click on "Options" and then on "TSX USB Server Administrator".

2.) The TSX USB Server Administrator window will open.

3.) Click on "Options" and then on "TSX USB Configuration".

4.) Enable the "Enable USB Device Redirection" field and choose one of the two options.



Before you connect to the Server per RDP please do the following :

1.) Run the "TSX USB Client" on the client machine.

2.) Click with the right-mouse-button on the device you want to share .

3.) Click on "Share USB Device".

The Device is now released. When you connect to your server via RDP your shared device will appear in the TSX Server Administrator.
Keep in mind that everybody can access the device because for the server it's a locally connected device.


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