Roman Miklautz
2018-11-05 14:23

TSX USB allows you to forward client attached USB devices which can not be forwarded with existing RDP mechanisms over RDP to your XP/VS Server as if they were attached locally to the USB port of the server.

This is e.g. useful for USB flatbed scanners or USB MFC devices (printer, scanner, fax) etc.
To forward client attached printers, USB Flash drives, headsets etc. you can use existing RDP mechanisms, so you will not need TSX USB for those purposes.

With TSX USB every user who is logged on to the XP/VS Server via RDP would see every USB device which is forwarded from any client.


So if you would forward 10 identical USB Devices from 10 different clients your server application (and every user who is logged on to the XP/VS Server via RDP) would see all 10 USB identical USB Devices just as if they where physically plugged into the usb ports of your server.

It now depends on your application which is running on the server if it can "differentiate" which of the 10 available USB devices to use for a specific user.

So if it is not possible to specify this relationship (individual USB Device to RDP user) somewhere it will not work.


In TSX USB admin utility on the client PC you decide which USB devices of the client you want to forward to the server and when you establish an RDP connection to your XP/VS Server this USB device will be forwarded to your server.

In TSX USB admin utility on the server you should select:

- "Connect to any devices ..." every USB device will be redirected from your client to your server"

- or "Only connect to the following USB devices ..."only devices with specific vendor and device IDs will be redirected to your server machine"

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