Change RDP Listen Port

Roman Miklautz
2018-11-05 14:16

The default TCP port number for RDP is 3389.

This port can be changed using the registry editor:

  1. Start the Registry Editor.
  2. On the left side navigate to the following registry subkey:
  3. On the right side locate and double-click the value "PortNumber" in order to open the edit window
  4. Select the "Decimal" option, type the new port number and click OK.
  5. Quit Registry Editor and reboot your computer

If you want to connect to XP/VS Server over the internet you will have to set up a port forwarding on your internet router to forward the external ip address/incoming tcp port 3389 (RDP) of your internet router to the internal ip address/tcp port 3389 (RDP) of your internal XP/VS Server computer.

To connect over the internet you would have to enter the external ip address of your internet router which is reachable from the internet into your RDP client.

Your internet router will receive this request when you try to connect with your RDP client over the internet and will forward this request to the internal ip address of your XP/VS Server computer.

Like that you will be able to reach your internal XP/VS Server with an RDP client over the internet.

For more details on how to set up port forwarding on your internet router please see here.

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