Installation and Usage of TSX RemoteApp

2018-11-07 14:06

1. Installation

TSX RemoteApp needs to be installed on your server-pc as well as on your client-pc.

To install TSX RemoteApp, please do the following:

Step 1

Download the TSX RemoteApp installer from here:

Step 2

Welcome Dialogue - Select "Next"

Step 3

Press "Next"

Step 4

To proceed with installation you have to agree to the "End-user License Agreement" and the press “I Agree”.

Step 5

In this step you have to choose which component you want to install:

5a  Select "TSX RDC Client" to install the client part of TSX RemoteApp on the Client computer 
5b Select "TSX RemoteApp Server" if you want to install the TSX Server part on the server computer.
5c Select both parts if you want to install the the client and the server part on your machine.

Step 6

Select your destination folder and select "Install".

Step 7

In the last step choose the button „Finish“ to complete the installation.


2. Usage

More information about client and server side usage of TSX RemoteApp can be found at the following links:




3. Additional Links

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