TSX Connection Manager

2018-11-05 14:33

TSX Connection Manager is an additional feature in TSX RemoteApp. It allows preconfiguring TSX Remote Desktop Connections on your server-pc and importing them to a client’s computer.

So with this application you will able to manage all your TSX Desktop connections & TSX RemoteApp connection in a graphical user interface.

Add a new TSX RemoteApp connection

  1. Start TSX Connection Manager on your server. Select "File" and "New TSX RemoteApp connection" or Ctrl+Shift+N.

  2. The TSX Remote Desktop Connection program will now start and you can create a new TSX RemoteApp connection as described here FAQ -> TSX Connection
  3. Now you have a new entry in your TSX Connection Manager, called "Notepad".

Export a TSX RemoteApp connection

To export those preconfigured TSX RemoteApp – connection to other clients, choose under “Connections” – “Export” or select the connection you want to export, right click on it and select „Export“.

For saving this preconfigured TSX RemoteApp Connection to a network drive you have to define the favoured path.

Now you can easily import this TSX RemoteApp into every workstation (where you have installed the client part of TSX RemoteApp )

Import a TSX RemoteApp connection

Start TSX Remote Connection Manager on your client:

  1. Select "Import" and move to the network path, where you have saved your preconfigured TSX RemoteApp Connection.

  2. Mark the entry and select "Open" to add this connection to your TSX Connection Manager.

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