Silent installation of TSX RemoteApp

Thinstuff Support
2020-03-11 17:14

There is the possibility to install the TSX RemoteApp client in a command prompt, script, ...

At first you have to download the TSX RemoteApp installer for the client from here:

Then open a command prompt, change to the folder which contains the TSX RDC Client and use the command "msiexec" to install the .msi file.

e.g msiexec  /i \\Server\Folder\ThinstuffTSXRDCClient-x64-1.0.701-EN.msi

You can also hide the gui for the installation with the following:
e.g msiexec  /qn /i \\Server\Folder\ThinstuffTSXRDCClient-x64-1.0.701-EN.msi 

All available parameters:

e.g msiexec /h

With this you will able to setup a script for installing the client side application of TSX RemoteApp!

Additional links:

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