Activate TSX Scan License

2018-11-05 14:18

Online Activation

Open the program "TSX Scan License Manager" (--> "Run as administrator") and click tab "License Activation"

start internet activation  
click "Start internet activation"

Your web broswser open Thinstuff Login page --> enter your credential to log-in


In the following screen you will see your license(s) listed (which are not activated or released for reactivation)
Select the TSX Scan License  and click "Activate/ Download license"

Enter License Code

Now the hardware information of your system will be copied to the web server, which create the new license file.
PEASE NOTE!  You have to enable and allow pop-ups and automatic download from "" otherwise you will miss the download and the following invitation:

Open With  
Choose "Thinstuff TSX Scan License Manager" and confirm with "OK"

The new license file will be imported automatically :

Successfully Imported

and the license will be shown op in the TSX License Manager

TSX Scan License Overview

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