Calculate RAM usage

Roman Miklautz

For the base system for 100 RDP sessions with SAP and MS-Office you should calculate with:

- 2 quad core Xeon CPUs (a total of 8 physical CPU cores) with 3GHz or better (e.g. Intel Xeon DP E5450)

- 1GB RAM For each additional user you should add min. 128MB RAM. So 1GB + (100 x 128MB) = 13,8 GB RAM To be on the safe side you should install 16GB RAM

You can also find the RAM usage with a practical test:

a) add the "virtual memory size" column to your Windows Task manager to see the complete memory consumption of your applications and not just the part of it which currently resides in physical RAM.

b) connect 10 RDP sessions to your x64 system and start your SAP and MS-Offce sessions as your users would do in practice Then sort the process view of Windows Task manager by session id and summarise the virtual memory usage of each RDP session. Then make a sum total of the virtual memory usage of all 10 RDP sessions. If you multiply this value by 10 you should have a theoretical RAM usage for 100 RDP sessions.

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