Error: Operating system update level is not compatible.

Thinstuff Support
2022-05-10 14:55

There have been some reports that the error message "Your current operating system update level is not compatible with the currently installed version of XP/VS server!" appears.

Please check if you have install all latest Windows updates and did you update the XPVS Server version as well ?
You will find the latest XPVS Server version shown on our website 
and in the changelog:

Might happen that system files are corrupted:
Open a command promt as Administrator and run  "sfc /SCANNOW" to repair system files.


If the problem still persists, create and upload our diagnostic file TSRP (Thinstuff Support Request Package) .

Most of the time this is the fastest and most simple way to analyze 90% of possible server-side configuration problems and errors.

Please run :

C:\Program Files\Thinstuff\XPVS Server\TSSupportPackage.exe 

on that computer where XP/VS Termial Server is installed and follow the instructions to upload the package.

You can upload this file directly to our webserver (
We will then analyse it to find the problem.

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