How to setup the XPVS Terminal Server


On Server Side

Install XPVS Server

You can download latest version from here:
After successful installation of XP/VS Server you have to reboot your PC.
The installation package includes 14-days trial license to evaluate our software if it suits to your requirement.
Or you activate the purchased license (step-by-step guide in our FAQ: Activate XPVS Server)

Allow users remote access

(Note !!! No available in  Windows Home edtiion)
Click "Computer" ("This PC")  - right click "Properties" - and click "Remote settings"
Add those users to remote user group who are allowed to login remotely !

Remote Desktop User Group E

Further information you will find in our FAQ: XP/VS Server Manual


If you use a Windows Server Operating System:

Running a server operating system only Administrator is allowed for remote access.
You have to give this permission to Remote Desktop User Group as well - in according GPO setting.

Open Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) and move to:
Computer Configuration/ Windows Settings/ Security Settings/ Local Policies/ User Rights Assignment/

In the right pane you will find setting: "
"Allow log on through Remote Desktop Services"
-> Add "Remote Desktop Users"

IP-Address if your XPVS Server

To connect to the Terminal Server you will need its IP-address.
If you connect within the LAN/ WLAN you will need the "internal IP-address"
--> Click "Start - Run - Enter: cmd.exe to start the Command Prompt.
Enter command: ipconfig --> the internat IP-address will be shown.

Comand Prompt

If you connect form outside you will need the "external IP-address"
This  address will be displayed here:

On  Client Side

You need a RDP Client, which is already pre-installed in Windows operating system
--> Start - All Programs - Accessories - "Remote Desktop Connection" (mstsc.exe)
Enter IP-address (="Computer") and connect.

internal or external IP address

Enter your user credential to log-in remotely