XP/VS Terminal Server supports RemoteFX

2018-11-05 14:37

since version 1.0.504

Important to understand is that from the client's view RemoteFX is just a video stream - like e.g. mp4 !!
The server is basically creating a session video stream in realtime and this video encoding requires an enormous amount of computing power which extremely minimizes the possible amount of concurrent RDP sessions.
But still this year there will be RemoteFX encoder hardware cards on the market that can be installed on the server to allow more concurrent RemoteFX sessions. 

Please Note & Precondition 

  • This is/ will  NOT be the Hyper-V RemoteFX 3D GPU Virtualization feature.
    RemoteFX on Thinstuff XPVS does not do 3D acceleration. Hence it does not have to be running on a virtualized OS and requires no fancy GPU.
    Basically RemoteFX for Thinstuff XP/VS Terminal Services gives you the same features as Microsoft RemoteFX on Windows 2008R2 Remote Desktop  Session Host (RemoteFX/RDSH). 
  • Please also note that RemoteFX for Thinstuff Terminal Services requires a XP/VS Professional license to work.
  • Currently the only way to "watch" RemoteFX is by using the Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection client from Win7 SP1.     
  • If you use VM with Windows 7 - please ensure that RemoteFX 3D Adapter is not used 

How to enable RemoteFX in XP/VS Server

Open XP/VS Server Administrator and click "Options" in menu bar.
Here you will find "Enable RemoteFX for XP/VS Terminal Services"

(Note!!! Only available with XPVS Server Professional)

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