XPVS Server in cloud environments

Thinstuff Support

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service offering virtual machines.
To access such virtual server - Azure uses the same protocol "RDP"  as XPVS, RDSH, Termninal Server.

If "Remote Desktop Service" (RDP) is not available for what ever reason - there is no access to that server.

  1. XPVS Server License is invalid (for example the MacAddress changes after the reboot)
  2. Updates conflict with the installed version of XPVS Server
  3. Remote Desktop Service crashes or is not started (also various reasons) 
  4. etc.

And as there  is no "console " session possible - like in Hyper-V, VmWare, Proxmox ... etc. 
there is no chance to connect to the machine and repair the configuration, settings, update the software, reactivate the license,  etc. 

We do not recommend this plattform to virtualize server with XPVS Server installed .
But there are some management tools like Openssh to access the server.


Tags: Azure, cloud computing, RDP, virtualization, virtual machine