Verify VAT number

Roman Miklautz
2010-05-07 15:14

For customers from member states of the european community:

So that we can invoice to you without VAT, you have to enter a valid VAT number before ORDERING.

  1. You can verify your VAT Number yourself if you log in to our Webshop.
  2. After login on the right top corner please click on address book and enter your full address with your VAT number and the click save.
  3. Then you will see if your VAT number was verified successfully (green)
  4. If it was not verified successfully it is marked red.
  5. In this case please try to save your address again until it shows up green (verified OK)

For customers from countries outside of the european community :

Customers from countries outside the european community will be invoiced without VAT.

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