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XP/VS Demo licenses are usually valid for 14 days after installation and may only be used for demo and testing purposes. The XP/VS Server installer comes with a built-in 14-day demo license.

If you register for a Thinstuff account at: or if you already own a Thinstuff account you can create one more 14-day demo license to extend your demo period.

XP/VS demo licenses can be used on multiple computers at the same time. Activation of demo licenses is not necessary and also not possible.

 XP/VS Demo licenses offer exactly the same features as full licenses except that you will receive the following demo message after each logon.

mportant information !
As soon as the demo period ends, the remote access will not work any more.
Either you import a purchased license or you uninstall XPVS Server (Reboot required)

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