Issues after recent Windows Updates?

Thinstuff Support

As a rule of thumb every second tuesday per month is Microsoft's Patch-Day where Microsoft releases new Windows updates. During this event we are testing our software if they conflict with these updates. In case of an issue we will mostly release a new version of XP/VS Server within 24 hours.

So please keep in mind and have a look at our website or in the XPVS Server changelog. 

In case we discovered compatibilty issues with recent Windows updates, please do the following:

1. Download the latest version from here.

2. Run the installation - the old version will be uninstalled, new version installed and existing license will be imported automatically.

3. Reboot your machine.

 Did you know that you can also silently install the updates of XP/VS Server?
Thinstuff FAQ #1137 - Silent installation

If the problem persists - please upload a diagnostic file TSRP-
Simply run following program and follow the instructions to upload an error report.

C:\Program Files\Thinstuff\XPVS Server\TSSupportPackage.exe

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