RDP LPT port mapping

Roman Miklautz

LPT port mapping for printing with DOS programs:

 To do a LPT port mapping please enter the following in a cmd prompt within the users RDP session once (Windows will remember this mapping for future RDP sessions on a per user basis)

e.g. "net use lpt2 \\tsclient\prn1"

To find the right prn number for redirection please consult the windows printer properties of the autocreated client printer  -> details -> tab port

Then you should be able to print to the autocreated client printer via the virtual lpt2 on the server.


According to our tests you can not use lpt1 within an rdp session if a physical lpt1 is present on the server.
Instead you have to use lpt2.
It is the same behaviour without XP/VS Server installed.
If you want to use LPT1 on the server for redirection you will have to disable the physical LPT1 port in windows device manager first!

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