XPVS Server is not working ? Checklist


XPVS Server is not working ? Checklist

1) License valid
Check in XPVS Server Administrator the license status.
Eg, Invalid Hardware KeyActivation Required

2) Microsoft Updates
Did you install Microsoft Updates recently?
If you get a pop-up-message from "Thinstuff XVPS Server" telling you that your installed version is not compatible
("incompatible environment") - download and update the XPVS Server version.
Latest version available here: https://www.thinstuff.com/releases/ThinstuffXPVSServer-latest.zip

3) Server attacked ?
Do you get the error message
- "Number of connections to this computer is limited..."
- or in Windows 7 "Internal error has occurred"
Open Command Prompt (cmd.exe) with administrator rights and enter command "netstat -a"
Check which / how many connections are listed for the RDP port (per default port number 3389)
If some unknown IPs are listed ensure that these are from your region or from any foreign country
Check location here: https://www.ip-tracker.org/locator/ip-lookup.php
If you get any suspicion that this port is misused - you can change the RDP listen port (short time solution)
(--> FAQ: Change RDP Listen Port -> stop and restart "Remote Desktop Services")

4) RDP connection internal test
You can test RDP connection first on the computer running XPVS Server
Open on this machine mstsc.exe (Remote Desktop Connection) and enter IP address ""
to start remote connection from/ to the server (loop-back), enter remote user credentials, connect.
Does it work or do you get an error message ?

5) RDP connection external
If you cannot connect to the server from outside please check if your RDP port is open on the router
and incoming connections are allowed
Link: http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/
This link shows the external IP address of the server and the port status (enter RDP port number - per default 3389)

6) Alternative Terminal Server software installed ?
Did you use an alternative software to enable remote access for multiple connections ?
Please note - some of these programs might use hacked system files.
XPVS Server only supports original Microsoft Windows files, if there is any conflict - the service cannot be started.

7) Corrupted System Files
Enter command "sfc /SCANNOW" --> please send a screenshot of the result

8) CCleaner, RegCleaner
If Thinstuff XPVS Server was running for a while and "suddenly" stops working ?
Might be caused by software products like RegCleaner, CCleaner.
This application should be used wisely, otherwise it causes problems, as it can damage installation paths, etc.

9) Upload TSRP
All checks done - not any idea why the sofltware is not running ?
Right in the moment when this error occurs - Important !!! Ohterwise we will not get a helpful hint - please create and upload our diagnostic file TSRP (Thinstuff Support Request Package).
Most of the time this is the fastest and most simple way to analyse 90% of possible server-side configuration problems and errors.
Please run C:\Program Files\Thinstuff\XPVS Server\TSSupportPackage.exe and follow the instructions to upload an error report.
This will take literally just 2 minutes of your time and we'll hopefully immediately see what the issue is.

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