RDP Wrapper and XP/VS Server

Thinstuff Support

We would like to share our thoughts on RDPWrapper, which seams at a first glance a perfect tool for remote computing.  However, when taking a deeper look on this software, you will find out that it does modify original Windows system files.

Please be aware that this software cannot be used on the same machine  side by side with Thinstuff XP/VS Server.
Please understand that we only support original Microsoft system files.

In case you have already installed this softare, please do the following to repair your system.

1. Uninstall XP/VS Server
2. Uninstall RDPWrapper
3. Reboot
4. Open a command prompt as Administrator and run "sfc /SCANNOW" to repair the corrupted system files
5. Reboot
6. Download the latest version of XP/VS Server from here, install and reboot.

Most of the time there is also an additional registiry value set,  which is used together with a modified version of termsrv.dll from RDPWrapper 
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/Terminal Server/Licensing Core/EnableConcurrentSessions]
This registry value makes problems and should be deleted !

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