Access XP/VS Server

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Compatible Remote Desktop clients for XP/VS Server

Here's a list of supported Remote Desktop client apps  for connecting to XP/VS Server

There are many features you can use to enhance your remote experience, such as:

  • Access files and resources on XP/VS Server
  • Device redirection, such as webcams and printers or scanners.
  • Dynamic display resolutions
  • Hardware acceleration 
  • Leave the apps open when you turn off the client PC
  • Multiple monitor support
  • Use apps installed on XP/VS Server
  • etc...


Download the Remote Desktop client from Google Play.


Download the Remote Desktop client from the iOS App Store or iTunes.

Linux (Commandline)

FreeRDP (OpenSource)

Linux (GUI)

Get Thincast Remote Desktop Client  from Flathub Store or Snap Store.



Get Thincast Remote Desktop Client for macOS here.

Download the Microsoft Remote Desktop client from the Mac App Store.


Get Thincast Remote Desktop Client for Windows here.

Download the Remote Desktop app from the Microsoft Store.

Connecting to XP/VS Server

Before you can connect to your XP/VS Server, you'll need to enable Remote Desktop on it. For more information, see Enable Remote Desktop on Windows 11.

In case you are connecting from outside your network you will need the "external IP address" and might setup port-forwarding on your router.

What is my IP Address?

Once you have completed the previous steps, you can connect to your computer using any modern Remote Desktop app (recommended). 

Just type in your IP address or hostname of XP/VS Server, your username and click "Connect".

 Additional information can be found in our Quick-Start guide.


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