Activate XP/VS Server License

Mona Lippert-Winkel
2023-06-14 11:48

Online Activation

1. Open "Thinstuff XP/VS Administrator" and click in the menu bar "File" and subsequent "Add/Activate License"


2. Now it will open the activation-window. Please select "Add licenses/ Start internet activation..."


3. In the next step, please log into your "Thinstuff Account".
fig.1 Your web browser will be opened and you have to login with your user name and your password.


4. If you have bought a license directly in our web shop
fig.1 You have to select “activate” next to your license. After that click on “Activate/download selected license”


 5. Import the license

In the following dialogue please select „run/open“ with: XP/VS Admin and the license will be imported automatically into your XP/VS Server Administrator.


6. Activation completed
fig.1 As shown in the window, the license appears now as valid in your XP/VS Server Administrator.


Offline Activation

There is also the possibility to do an offline-activation by copying the activation information from your computer without internet access to one with internet access.

1. On your computer without internet access, where you have installed XP/VS Server
fig.1 To get the activation information please open the program XP/VS Terminal Server Administrator and select “File” and “Add/Activate License”. Subsequent click on the button “Copy hardware Key to clipboard”


2. Paste the text into a text editor (e.g. Notepad), save it locally (e.g. xxx-hwkey.txt) and copy this text-file to your computer with internet access.

3. On your computer with internet access:
fig.1 Please log into your Thinstuff-Account


4a. If you have bought a license directly in our webshop
fig.1 Switch into your account to “Overview” and click on “Activate” next to your favored license.

fig.2 Please select your text file, which you have created previously based on the activation-information.

fig.3 Now click on „Activate license“.


4b. OPTIONAL - Please note ! Coupon Codes are not longer available! This step is only for those customers who have not yet redeemed the coupon

If you have redeemed a coupon from a Thinstuff Partner
fig.1 If you have successfully logged into your Thinstuff Account, select “Add/Manage Coupon” on the very right pane of the product overview.

fig.2 Enter your coupon-number and click on “Add this coupon”

fig.3 Now you have to confirm the transformation of the coupon into the license. By doing this your coupon isn't valid anymore and you'll get a full valid license instead of it.

fig.4 The transaction was successful. Please click on „Continue to your account overview..“.

Now you can activate your license - please follow steps as described in 4a


5. Download activated license
fig.1 Click now on the newly activated license below the item “License file to download an re-import”.

fig.2 In the following dialogue please select „Save“ to save the license file locally.


6. Copy the license file (license_XXXXX.tlic) on that computer, where you have installed XP/VS Server

7. Import the license
fig.1 Open the TSX Remote App Licensing Manager on the your server machine and click on the File → Import license from file in the menu bar.

fig.2 Now select your license file (.tlic) and click on „Open“.


8. Activation completed
fig.1 Now you receive a notice, that your license has been successfully imported, please confirm this dialogue with “Ok”. As shown in the window, the license appears now as valid in your XP/VS Admin.

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