TSX Connection

Thinstuff Support
2018-11-08 15:29

The TSX Connection is our own RDP Client. You can find it for free in the TSX Remote App Installer package and you can use it independently from TS(X) Remote App . It offers additional functions compared to Microsoft's RDP Client e.g. choosing which connection type (desktop connection or seamless application mode) you want to make.

How to create a TSX RemoteApp/Desktop Connection?

If you want to use TSX RemoteApp/Desktop Connection you can easily configure your seamless remote-connection.

  1. With a double-click you open TSX Connection. If you choose Option the window will enlarge. The first column is called General where you define Connection Type and Seamless mode, as well as you may enter the name or the IP address of your server in the Computer field.

    The Connection type defines if you want to start a standard Remote Desktop connection or a seamless remote application.less Remote Application.

    Connection Type
    Desktop standard Remote Desktop connection
    RemoteApp (seamless) seamless Remote Application

    The „Seamless mode“ defines which seamless protocol you want to use.

    Seamless mode
    Auto automatic detection
    TS RemoteApp Microsoft's seamless protocol
    TSX RemoteApp Thinstuff's seamless protocol
  2. For the next step you switch to column “Programs” .
    Enter the name and the path of the program you want to start
    Define an individual name for the connection in the „Name“ field, it will be displayed on the desktop. Beside it you can change the icon of your preconfigured RDP connection.

  3. Now you can save this preconfigured RDP connection to your favoured path, place a link on your desktop or copy it to other clients.

  4. With a double click on your new Icon you start your seamless application.

    You will be asked to enter user name and password, and afterwards the application will be displayed as it would be started locally (seamless):

    lease NOTE !! 
    If you use multiple monitors on client-side - the window will only be displayed on the primary monitor and cannot be moved to second monitor !

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